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Default SanDisk Sansa Clip+ Review

This morning while viewing the forums I came across a post by jk98 about the new Clip+. After a little checking on the Sansa forums I found out that BestBuy had starting selling them even before it had been officially announced by Sandisk. So of course I had to drive to the local BB to check it out.

Sandisk sansa clip+ 4GB
Plays MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC
Integrated microSD expansion slot
15 hour battery life
FM radio
Voice Recording
Works with Sandisk SlotMusic cards
File/Folder browsing
Mini USB port

The Hardware
If you have a Clip you know alot about what the Clip+ is all about. Good sound, small form factor, and you can clip it pretty much anywhere. The Clip+ adds a new bonus, a microSD slot for expansion.

This will allow you to at the current capacity of 4GB buy up to a 16GB microSD card and have a player the size of a watchface that is 20GB.
The expansion memory is integrated with the internal making it so that you don't have to switch between the two to listen to all of your music.
The actual clip sits closer to the body of the player and seems to be quite a bit sturdier than the first generations. They changed it to a solid piece of hard plastic that looks like it can withstand two or three times the abuse of the old clip. The teeth hold far better than the circle ever could have. It may not look quite as pleasing as the see through plastic with the circle teeth but trust me it works much better.
The power button has been moved to the top of the player and is now a button, and the hold feature has been changed to a long press on the home button. This makes it far more resiliant than the slide power/hold on the 1st gen.

The volume button has been moved from the worst choice spot of directly under the headphone jack to the opposite side under the mini USB port. This is so much better for the usability.

The Sound
If you've had a Clip or Fuze in the past you won't be disappointed to find the sound quality to be very similair. I'm glad Sandisk stayed with what works instead of trying to fix what wasn't broken. That being said I still stay away from the the EQ options but I prefer a flat eq anyway most of the time.

The Clip+ in build quality, useability, and with the addition of File/folder browsing and expandability has just set the quality bar pretty high. There is no player in the ultraportable market that can even touch the Clip+. This even blows the clip out of the water. Personally I'll probably have to sell my Clip after having used the Clip+, it's that good If Sandisk doesn't take a huge chunk of the ultraportable market with this player then Apple must have subliminal messages in their commercials
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