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Default Another seeking purchase advice! My criteria...

So I had a 32GB zen which a month out of warranty suffered from the infamous WSOD (White Screen Of Death). I contacted creative for repair and was told it would be 'more economical' to purchase a new unit. A bit disappointing to say the least. I was relatively happy with the zen and considered the zen x-fi as a replacement but feel i should move away from creative products out of principle after my experience...

My criteria:

- at least 32GB. (I have noticed 32gb sdhc cards lately so would consider an 4 or 8gb player that accepts one of these cards if they can work well with the player (if any such player exists?!)) (or an 8gb player plus 16gb card would be ample space for my collection)

- smallish. Not crucial but I am more music focused than video so would prefer a smaller unit. I liked the zen for its size. ipod touch size would not be ideal.

- ability to make playlists on the player. the zen could do this albeit in a slightly clumsy fashion. it would be ideal that when a song plays there is an 'add to playlist...' option that doesn't interupt the song. (i considered the sony walkman 32gb x-series for a while until i was told you have to create the playlists on your pc!)

- drag and drop capability. at the moment i am travelling all over the place without my own machine so will be plugging the unit into random computers and using windows explorer to deal with my music. i could do this with the zen.

- real buttons for skip/back, pause/play, volume. i think a 100% touch screen player would drive me crazy if i'm tryin to skip track with the player in my pocket etc.

- decent sound quality (will be using my existng earphones so not worried about the ones that are shipped with the unit)

Budget: I would pay up to about 250 pounds (about US$400) but that would have to tick all the above boxes if possible...!

Any help would be much appreciated!
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