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Default c250 Headphone Output Jack Problem

My sansa c250 has been having a problem with it's output jack. When I plug my headphones all the way in, it only plays the song out ONE ear when the jack is turned in a cerntain position. Now when I have it half way plugged in, it plays out BOTH ears, but the jack has to be in the same position it was in when it was plugged in all the way. If you don't have it in the certain position in the output jack it doesn't play any sound out of my headphones. It's really annoying and it also happened to my ipod shuffle( I stopped using). I just got rockbox on it and am very excited to use it, its like getting a new player!

I heard that some solders inside on the board of the output jack were broken or something like that??? Anyways is there a way to fix it? I'm a broke teenager and can't buy a new one till christmas. I have a soldering Iron and solder wire. Just need a solution. Anyone?
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