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Default Sansa DIY in-car adapter

I've been looking at the pinout descriptions at

I notice it's got the D+, D-, +5v, and Ground for the USB connections. It's also got Audio left/right, but I notice that's listed twice and I don't see why, yet. I'm assuming it's the Positive and negative terminals...

So, all of the connections are there for an in-car solution. You can easily rig together a simple connection that plugs into the proprietary port on the Fuze (or any other Sansa player assuming the pinouts are the same) and re-wire part of that cable to split off.

This would give you a Sansa adapter with 2 plugs on the other side. One goes to the cigarette lighter and the other to the audio in on a radio. This would get you the charging capability and audio transferance capability through a single cable.

Thinking about it, you could even just add a stereo mini plug near the cigarette lighter to plug a male-male audio cable into. One end in the rear of the stereo, other into the Sansa cable.

It SOUNDS messy, but it also sounds very feasible and easily done. With some heat-shrink tubing, it would be a pretty clean setup I'm thinking.
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It's funny,

I was thinking about making a line-out and USB cable combo for my Fuze, so I decided to jump on the forum to see how the line-out is done.
Yours is the first post I happened to look at.
I reckon it'll work, so I'm going to give it a go.
I'll have to use my genuine Sansa plug because the generic one I have doesn't have contacts for the line-out, only for USB.
Good luck with it.
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Well, I put mine together tonight and it seems to work fine.
I'll check out the sound of it better tomorrow when I'm driving around.
Straightforward enough with the soldering, but it is fiddly. I didn't use capacitors in my build, though, which makes it easier.
The hardest part is getting two cables through the strain relief. I used needle files and opened the hole up.
Highly recommended if you use your Sansa player in the car.
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