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Old 08-16-2009, 05:40 PM
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Default 01.02.26 - I can't be the only one with painful refresh times

While I detailed a bunch of this in an unfavorable review of the Fuze I posted to my blog, and here am not addressing the playlist issues I also had with this version of the firmware, I've redone some things thanks to the information posted here and am still having ridiculous "Refreshing your media" times.

I bought a 2G Fuze when on-sale, figuring I could always upgrade later to the 8G and give this to the Mrs. The purpose is to replace the over-priced XM Satellite Radio in the car, and the songs will generally come from files legally-recorded from Slacker Radio, augmented by my CD (and record...I'm an old guy) collection - yeah, I know Slacker is only 128kbps, but since XM is running under 30kbps on their music channels, 128k is a big step up. The player I use must handle a boatload of songs efficiently, since I want to emulate some of the XM channels (i.e. "The Blend," which will require a playlist of 3,000 songs or more over forty years).

I originally had firmware revision 1.01.11 - clearly I can't back-step to that for testing since I can't find it on SanDisk's website, but I did download 01.01.22 and if it's safe to back-step to that revision, I may do so later to see if the times I recorded on 1.01.11 (much faster) hold. Anyway, to the problem...

Even though I had already used the Sansa Updater, I used the "manual" procedure here to re-apply 01.02.26, fired it up, set the language/region, and then formatted the Fuze's internal memory. I connected via MSC and restored the factory-supplied 19 songs, the factory-supplied video (edit: and photos), and added one album of 19 songs purchased from Amazon (with the $5 I got when I purchased the Fuze, for whatever that's worth). That's everything on the internal memory.

I have set up two separate microSDHC cards for testing; a 4G class-4 Kingston card, and an 8G class-6 pqi card. The 4G card contains 1,222 MP3 files in one folder, and 196 MP3 files in another's as full as I could make it, with only 1.3M free. The 8G card contains the same 1,222 MP3 files in one folder and 1,127 MP3 files in a second folder; there is roughly 473M free on this card.

I turn off the Fuze, insert the 4G card, and turn on the Fuze. It enters, "Refreshing your media..." mode, which takes...

Thirty-four minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

I turn off the Fuze, remove that card, insert the 8G card, and turn on the Fuze. It enters, "Refreshing your media..." mode, which takes...

Forty-four minutes and two seconds.

If I had an 8G fuse with, say, 2,000 songs on the internal memory, and a 16G microSDHC card with 4,000 songs on it, from the looks of things it would take over an hour and a half to "refresh," every time I changed a card, added a song, or even looked at it funny.

Consider a real-world scenario; I get into the car, and want to listen to an episode of The Bob Edwards Show I have copied to a 2G card I bring along with me. I remove the 8G, stick in the 2G, and listen to the show. Now I want to hear some music, so I replace the 8G card...and wait three-quarters of an hour before listening to anything else?

This can't possibly be right...please tell me I have done something wrong. And if I haven't, and the Fuze is simply designed to deal with no more than a hundred songs or so efficiently, does anyone have any recommendations for a player that can handle card-swaps with thousands of songs in a reasonable fashion?
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