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Default Cowon S9 and .m4a


I consider buying a new pmp and the choice is between the S9 and the Samsung P3.

Since I have some m4a-Files (iTunes Plus, so no DRM), it's important to me that I can listen to them. However, aac isn't listened among the supported files of the S9. That would be the killing argument against the S9.
Is it true that the S9 can't play m4a-files?


(Sorry if this topic has been brought up before, of course I searched but the search funktion tells me that aac and m4a are too short terms to be searched for).
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Yeah, I'm afraid its true the S9 does not play m4a. I use itunes right now as I have just changed from an Ipod to S9 and it is a little bit of a pain. Especially when you throw some tunes on go out the door and then find that they don't play. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't change my feeling about the S9, just something you have to work round. It's been almost 2 weeks with the S9 in my life and I love it!!
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Just burn your music to some cds and re-import them as mp3
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Thanks for your answers.
Since the aac-Files are DRM-free, I won't even burn them on CD, iTunes creates mp3s with a single click.
However, I just ordered the Samsung player today since the Cowon seems to be unavailable here in Austria.
From what I've read so far about the players neither of the them is a bad choice.
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