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Default Is D2+ Really Usable in MSC Mode?

I really love my D2+ but, I question whether one of its major selling points for me, its use of the MSC mode rather than MTP mode, is really usable. Whenever, I try to use the MSC mode on my D2+ I get the strange behavior discussed in this thread: On the player itself many folders and albums don't show up, or the same one shows up a million times. This is true even though Windows Explorer (or a substitute for it) shows the correct folder structure on the device which is read as an external usb drive. Before I found the above thread, I thought it was a hardware defect and sent my unit back for replacement, but the new unit has exactly the same problem. I don't have the problem if I set the USB interface of the D2+ to MTP and load my albums onto it using Media Jukebox. On the second unit the MSC folder/album problem didn't show up until I loaded folders 100 to 162 onto the unit, so maybe the unit can't handle more than 100 or so folders in the MSC mode in its internal memory. In any event, the unit is pretty much useless to me if I want to use in in MSC mode. That's a shame because I, like 3/4 of forum members responding to a poll thread prefer MSC mode to MTP mode. I guess, unless anyone has a solution, I'll just have to live with unit with its internal memory in MTP mode. I find that regrettable.

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