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Default Couple Questions

When recording in WMA is 192kb the highest we can record in?

Just bought a 4gb card and apparently you cannot record to it from the line-in feature? Do you record to external memory using a computer only and is that with the card in the player or the computer or a separate card reader?

Can we record movies directly from a dvd player to line-in?

Can we connect the player to the inputs on the front of any regular tv and watch a movie and to get a really good quality picture on a standard 27" to 32" tv what bit rate do we record in and how much space will that require?

When I recorded cd's on a computer using windows the songs came out in alphabetic order which I didn't want so was there an option I overlooked that could of put them in the order as they are on the cd?

Using windows how do I move what I recorded from the line-in feature to playlists so I can put songs under the heading of the bands name?

Any other tips are appreciated and keep in mind I don't own a computer (webtv) and have recorded only 1 time so far successfully at the library using windows and am not too familiar with computers in general so even that was a minor miracle
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