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Default Some album art not showing up.

So, really liking my X1061. I transferred lots of music ripped in AAC format from iTunes into the Content Transfer tool, and is now on my Walkman. However, some albums don't retain their album art. Mind you, the album art shows up fine in iTunes. Some was manually added to the files by me, some was found automagically by iTunes. There doesn't seem to be a common thread through the albums whose art didn't carry over, but perhaps I'm missing something.

At any rate, does anyone know why this might be happening? The majority of the albums transferred fine, art and all.

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i used to have this problem but i used windows media playa to add the pics again using the advanced tag editor. Sometimes the software brings the pic up even if its not added to the file on pc... dunno y dat happens but jus chek th files again usin th advanced tag edita on wmp.
p.s. make sure the album art pic is set as "front".
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I've had this problem as well, it seems to load album art fine for me if I add/edit from WMP instead of iTunes. It's almost like each program writes the album art info differently.
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the same happens to me please help
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