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Default Podcast Problems

I am having a problem syncing podcasts on my X-1000 Series Walkman. I have tried two different software programs, and they both have the same problem. I want to sync the podcasts to the PODCASTS folder because it has some useful features when I do that. i.e. since many podcasts are quite long, I can stop listening to a podcast, and listen to some music, and then return to the spot I left off at to resume listening. Also it is quick to navigate to the podcast because I can use the podcast icon on the main menu. If I add the podcasts in a user defined folder, I have no problems, but I also do not have the useful featurs I just described. They are treated as just another music file. Here is the problem: When my sync program deletes an old podcast from the PODCASTS folder, the podcast section of the player crashes. When I push the podcast icon on the main menu I get an error message. If I delete the old podcasts manually using Windows Explorer, everything is fine. However, this is an extra step I do not want to have to take. As I said, if I sync the podcasts to new folder that I define, it works OK, but again, the podcasts are treated as just another song. The software I use is MediaMonkey and Salling Media Sync (a fantastic program - highly recommended!). The Sony software just does not work - it crashes every time I try to use it. I spent about an hour on the phone with SONY, and his computer was crashing just like mine. He said it was not a finished program, but the paid version works OK. I will not pay $30 for the paid version! I love the X-1000, but this is irritating.
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