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Default boombox / outdoor speakers


I'm looking for recommendations for a portable, outdoor use speaker system. Something to take camping so it should be fairly rugged. I'm also looking for above average sound quality. I'm not looking for the typical, ultra portable doccking system. I want relatively big sound.

I've considered a boombox with an aux input, but without listening to them, it's hard to judge just how good (or bad) they sound. I've been seeing this JVC "Kaboom" (JVC RV-NB1) which is intriguing, but I can't seem to find it in stock anywhere. Looking at the $50-$250 range. Any suggestions?

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Well personally I dumped a lot of money into my car stero system so when I go camping I usually just back it up, open all the doors and the trunk and just give er! But! for a more portable option I recommend the Lasonic i931.

Has Aux In, and supports SD card and USB MP3 playback - Dual 12 Watt speakers, independant treble and bass controls, was originally ment for ipod, but really these days, what isn't? Selling on Amazon right now for about $135 bucks!

Unfortunately I don't think they've made the JVC Kaboom for at least 3 years now. I do remember when those things use to be super popular. Now most portable audio is made specifically for Ipod and not overly powerful.

I'd also recommend checking out Fiio, they're speakers (though small) are pretty decent.

I also checked best buy. They have a pretty durable looking Sony, but reviews said it was crappy.

Edit: I checked JVC's website. They do still make the "Kaboom" boxes but you might need to call/email them to find out who still carries them if you're really set on one.
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I have a JVC kaboom and love it, I feed it from my i7 and use it outdoors all the time, great sounding player! BTW, Sears has the Biamp design for $213.31, 52 watt total, 6 WPC (main), 20 WPC (woofers), dual range drivers, dual 6 1/2 woofers, mp3 playback with text display, remote, aux Inputs and more ... see here

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