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Default Dont know what to do now or wait?

I have officially been without a mp3 player for a good 4 -5 months now because my hdd broke on my Zen:M. At the time I was very close at purchasing a cowon s9, but I saw the Zune HD. When I first saw the Zune HD I told myself to wait. However, I just now saw this and absolutely think its amazing. I don't know how much longer I can wait for an mp3 player. I can wait for this to come out and get it cheaper or go ahead and pay $400 to get one possibly by the end of the month. I'm just wondering what yall think.
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No guarantee when the Zii egg/SDK will be shipped. No guarantee there will ever be a consumer Zii. I recommend waiting a month. The Zune HD should be out. The new iPod Touch should be revealed. They might be shipping Zii eggs by then. Right now the Zii is all potential but no proof. At this moment the Cowon S9 is the best of what you listed. If you're desperate to get playing again, get one of those. Of course by September we'll have clues about even newer players from Samsung iRiver, Archos, and others. You can always keep waiting.
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Right now it's a waiting game. Especially for the Zune HD where alot of important info is yet to be put out. The Egg is a tricky situation as it's more of a developer's model. The S9 is a great player I have one. I love what I'm seeing with the Zune HD, I have a Zune 120 , and I'm debating about selling the S9 and going with the Zune HD and making Zune my primary players, now I use the 120 for music and the S9 for Video. The Egg is intriguing as it more likely will support Divx, Xvid and the Zune won't
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I'd wait. IMO the Zune HD looks very, very cool, but to me the Zii looks better.

For some reason the new Zune doesn't have Bluetooth - I cannot fathom why the Zune HD doesn't have bluetooth. I find it amazing that a high end DAP can be missing an audio-centric feature like bluetooth that is present on even the cheapest cell phones.

Also, I haven't seen any indication of whether the Zune HD has 0-5 star song rating support. The original Zune had it, but then they crippled it with a stupid heart/broken heart system. I haven't seen any pics from of the Zii that suggests it has song rating support either, but given Creatives track record I'd say it's a good chance**.

Also, the Zune HD is almost certainly going to only be compatible with the Zune software. Maybe this isn't an issue for some, but I fucking hate being forced to use ONE piece of software just because the manufacturer has decreed that their player will not comply with accepted standards. The Zii on the other hand will probably work with any MTP supporting music management program.
From what I've heard the Zune software is pretty good... but I've also heard the same thing about iTunes.

Apparently the Zii can output 1080p while I'm pretty sure the Zune HD is limited to 720p. Personally, I don't really see myself storing a whole lot of HD video on my MP3 player, but if I choose to it would be nice to be able to output it at the highest standard HD resolution.

Also, although the Zii has its own OS, Plaszma, it also is able to run Android. IMO Android is poised to surpass all other smart-phone (and "smart-DAP"?) operating systems available today (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone OS, and WebOS). If you want a wide selection of applications to put on your pocketable device, Android is probably the way to go.

Of course, Creative has a long history of making awesome devices on paper, that are mediocre in reality. Not to mention that at the moment it's questionable if the Zii will ever become a reality.

Oh yeah, the Zii also has an SD slot* and GPS. Oh and a couple (low res.) cameras.

The Zune HD has an OLED screen (which are apparently pretty sweet) and the physical volume buttons.

* The question this raises is of course: will the SD slot be virtually useless like on the Zen and X-Fi or will it be an awesome storage expander like on the Fuze and D2?

** Well, it's nice to be right sometimes! Here's a pic from CNET Asia which clearly shows the telltale 5 empty-star icons that some of us crave.

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Wait dude! Thats what im doing. Pretty soon there will be some more documentation and ratings on the Zii, and you can then decide if it looks worth while.
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