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Default The NuForce NE-7M IEM's (short review)

I searched to see if there were any reviews on these IEM’s but found none. This will not do.


stock picture from somewhere because I’m lazy.


As much as I love my Sennheiser HD 485 cans I soon realized after I purchased them they weren’t the most practical headphones. Their sound quality blew me away but they just weren’t portable enough. Furthermore they really sucked the battery life out of my audio players. So I ventured over to to ask the headphone turbo nerds what would be a good pair of “cheap” IEM’s to get. They recommended the $50 NuForce NE-7M’s. Then, after much hesitation, I bought them.

Everything you need to know:

Sound: The instant I tried these I loved them. I had never heard such a “normal” and good sounding in ear headphone. All the other in ear headphones I had tried (fairly cheap ones) were always lacking in SQ or sounded weird. Their sound is fairly even w/ (in my opinion) the perfect amount of bass. The bass is very strong but does not drown out anything else. Drums sound very good. Unlike other in ear phones I’ve heard before, the treble doesn’t seem to be exaggerated at all. The resolution they deliver isn’t terribly different from my cans. Their sound is almost in the same league but with a bit less detail, and of course a more limited sound-stage. You will not be disappointed.

In The Box: headphones, 3 tip sizes, carrying pouch. (coooool)

Noise Isolation: These headphones make you completely deaf to the outside world. You can’t hear a family member yell at you. You might not even hear a bomb go off. This is a good thing. I think.

Looks: Sooooo shiny. . .

Mic: It has one. I think it has a button on it to take calls on the iphone. (booooo)


More info people wanted to know: These headphones are 16 ohms and do not require a high volume. . . They have a symmetrical cable. . . as far as I can tell the build quality is great. . . they have an angled plug.

Like one poster wrote, the seller is supposed to be very helpful, although I haven't needed to contact them.

One more important thing to know is that they have an odd jack due to the built in mic, and unfortunately the jack doesn't work with everything. From what I own: It works on my Cowon i7, my Creative Zen Nano Pluses, and my computer. Unfortunately I have to use an adapter for my ZEN.


If you’re looking for a pair of great sounding IEM’s that won’t break the bank buy these now. NOW! But hey, don’t trust me, I’m not that experienced in quality audio, trust the headphone turbo nerds. According to HeadphoneAddict they are the best IEM’s you can get for under $150! I’m not sure if this still stands but they’re awesome anyway.

EDIT: Nevermind, just trust me, I would bet the price of these phones you could not find a better pair of IEM's for $50 or less. There we go, fixed.


I’m surprised almost nobody on ABI seems to have these.

UPDATE: you can now get a version of the NE-7M's without the mic called the NE-6 for only $40. That's just an orsum deal, if all you have are stock earphones, buy them, your ears will thank you!


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