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Default Two quick questions about ID3/album art

I'm a fairly new owner of the S9 and I'm sure these questions have been asked over and over, but I couldn't find anything and I suck at searching for stuff...

I run the Asurada Style UCI / Squarescape 1.0b, if this matters, and firmware 2.30.

What I'm having problems with is the fact that it seems that the player keeps ID3 information somehow? Like I'll have a band with a typo in the name in one album, so it gets listed twice, but that remains even after I fix the ID3 tags in the files and re-transfer them to my S9. Why isn't the S9 recognizing the change in ID3? Can I fix this? Even weirder to me is that only certain albums are giving me trouble with this. (And while we're on the subject, what's an easy tagger that's NOT also a media library?)

Also, as far as I can figure, album art should just be a JPEG in the album folder? Then why do only about 1/10 of the images I put on there show up in the actual player? I do nothing different for the ones that do show up, so I don't get it...

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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