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So here comes my audio backpack v2. Main idea was to make bag that looks normal:

Then when you open first stage comes audio:




Because I use only one channel, so another one I left to external speaker or subwoofer like in the picture...

The backpack is really loud, and with subwoofer it shakes ground, battery ir 4.5Ah thinking about going on 7Ah, and on TDA7377 amplifier chip which handles 70W.

Main section of back pack is free as it was when I bought it.
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Transformers, speakers in disguise!
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LOl,Im imagining myself using that backpack, and suddenly turn it on REAL loud at the bus station after school....
haha, that'll freak everyone out.
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That is great! I really need to build something like that, tired of my friends pulling my iem's out of my ears and asking me what i'm listening to.
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Kinda old thread, but to the OP:

Great work! Love it...
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Try to pass a security checkpoint with this... HALT! HALT! Insert small arms shots...
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I am having sack envy. GREAT work. I love a good DIY project.
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I think the setup just needs a 50W downfiring subwoofer to literally blow things away..
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