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Lightbulb Spinn 2.30 firmware video encoding

After seeing the version update, it mentions improved video playback:

● spin Videos Tech spec

- File Format: AVI, WMV, MP4
- Video Codec: MPEG4 SP / ASP, WMV 7/8/9, H.264 BP
- Audio codec: MP3, WMA, AAC,
- Video Resolution: Up to 720 x 480, recommended: 640 x 480, WMV recommended: 480 x 272
- Video bit rate: up to 2Mbps, WMV: Up to 870Kbps
- Audio Bitrate: 192Kbps

Has anyone tried this out or is it just boasting?

Not fully tested the update, but my Spinn could play this video Native which it couldn't handle before:

Video: Xvid 608x336 25.00fps 1337Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps [Audio]

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i just got my SPINN and i've been playing around with encoding in FormatFactory. i'm curious what settings people have found to work best (highest quality for a given size).

i've tried and found these to work (all are AVI):

Video: DivX 5 480x272 24fps 512Kbps
Audio: MP3 128Kbps
---> 1h40min = 465MB

Video: DivX 5 480x272 24fps 379Kbps
Audio: MP3 128Kbps
---> 1h28min = 330MB

Video: DivX 5 480x360 24fps 762Kbps
Audio: MP3 128Kbps
---> 54min = 353MB

I've tried to encode using H264 but couldn't get that to display on the SPINN. Also the "iRiver Spinn" setting provided in FormatFactory is incorrect since it creates an MP4 container that isn't supported by the SPINN. I think next time i will encode with Xvid and/or at lower bitrate. These all look pretty decent except where there are color gradients and you can see some artifacts (presumably due to the limited color range)

Please add any settings you've found to work well with the time and file size, or any other advice on encoding for the SPINN.
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wellzy4eva, could you tell me, where i can download 2.30 firmware?

Iriver firmware updater says that 2.10 is currently last.
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snugglz, Avidemux 2.4.3 (this version best of all) can encode h264 in avi container. I used next settings for video:
— 350kbps(constant bitrate)
— VHQ mode: Uneven Multi-hexagon
— CABAC is off in third tab
— odd checkboxs are off, even checkboxs are on in last tab "Transform". Max B frames are 0.
Mp3(lame) i used for audio.

That's it.

Sorry for my english.

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