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Default Tell Sansa Support what you want (particularly Gapless)

I hope that instead of only posting here what you'd like to see in upcoming firmware, all of us Fuze users are going to the Sansa support site, opening a support ticket, and letting them know you want it. We can all post forum updates all day long about, for example, how much we want gapless playback, but if we don't make this known in great numbers to Sansa, it's not going to happen.

So go here:

And in the contact area on the right, input your name, email address, and politely and clearly explain to Sansa how you'd like them to improve the Fuze.

A few days back, I put in this request:

"I would like to request the addition of gapless playback support on the Sansa Fuze. Is there any plan to incorporate gapless support into upcoming Fuze firmware releases?"

A day or so later, I received this reply from Sandisk:

"Unfortunately "gapless playback" is not yet supported on all Sansa Player's. I have forwarded your suggestion to the proper personnel for review.

As of now, we cannot give you any precise answer concerning the matter you have presented but rest assured that the assigned department will greatly consider it for our product improvement."

I don't expect that this will result in gapless playback being added in the very next firmware (or perhaps at all), but it certainly does more than simply wishing for it on a forum. The more of us that do this, the more likely it is that Sansa/Sandisk will make it happen.
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