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Help Extremely tiny dents on the edge of the glass?

Last night, I noticed some specks on the top edge (by edge, literally mean when two faces meet) of the glass, which didn't go away when I wiped them with a cloth. As you all know, the gap between the glass and the bevels is just slightly wider at the top than with the other three sides, so you could actually sort of see the edge of the glass there. Now, these specks are ONLY visible when you look reaaally closely, with the S9 rotated to a certain angle. At different angles, different specks are seen, but the locations of the specks seem to be the same (as in, with the same angle, you can see the same specks). Now, since I can't seem to wipe these specks off with a cloth, and the light seems to constantly reflect the same specks, could these be extremely small dents on the screen!? Could someone else try inspecting their S9 in a similar fashion under a bright light source? I've only had my S9 for ~2 weeks

By the way, sorry if some of the explanation is really confusing - it's sort of hard to explain
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