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Default Is the S9 right for me?

I'm sure this forum gets a lot of these (I can see a few on the front page already) so I'll be brief.

I'm trying to find the mp3 player that is what I want. I have very few requirements, but I can't seem to find one that ISN'T as ludicrously expensive as the S9 that meets them.

1. Plays music.
2. Has a fairly long battery life (longer than the 4-5 hours my current one seems to last).
3. Allows you to browse all of your music easily in a variety of forms, ie by artist/song title/directory organization.
4. Doesn't require obnoxious proprietary software, or if it does it's very basic.
5. Making playlists is *very* easy, and possibly can be done on the player itself on the go.
6. Has a screen that won't break easily.

Basically, I listen to music in my car or at work. I don't really use earbuds or headphones ever, I have a tape deck converter thingy for my car and my job is as a martial arts instructor and I connect my mp3 player up to the stereo for workout music sometimes. I'm not super-concerned with video quality, though playing videos would be an amusing gimmick, and couldn't care less about most everything else. I need to be able to make a couple specific playlists for work (can't have Stephen Lynch's "Ugly Baby" coming up there...), but other than that I generally have the player on random shuffle of my entire library, which contains only about 5 or 6 albums, the rest of my 3000+ song library are random songs I've gotten piecemeal, and tagged as "unknown" on the album. I don't use any media player that has a media library, as I loathe them with a burning passion, and directly open songs I want from the folder they're in on my computer. I also have purged all the album tags off of my songs, just a waste of space to my mind.

I've owned a Creative Zen and a Sansa View, all 3 of which lasted less than 6 months before the screen broke, none of which I could really identify the moment it broke. The Zen was fine, the organization of music easy and software pretty effective at synching and making playlists. The biggest problem was the expansion card not being integrated, and the fact that the screen broke. The View was an all-around disappointment in every facet, I relied on the fact that both of the other Sansa players were rated as just plain awesome in all regards, and assumed they might be competant enough on the View. The biggest problem (aside from myriad bugs)? I had to scroll through all 2500 or so songs every time I wanted a song whose title started with a "Z."

I know the S9 is a little bit beyond what I need, but like I said: I can't find something else that can hold my almost 16 gigs of music and do the basic things I want. If this will do it though, and give me extra little feature thingies that I might find a use for, and actually last a couple years without breaking, I'll totally get it.

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