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Default C250 V2 screwed up

I've got a Sansa C250 V2, that up until a few days ago was working fine, charging fine. Lately I've been using a plug in my car that converts from the cigarette lighter to USB power to charge my Sansa. The other day, after it sat on the charger in the car overnight, it was not charged at all from the day before. I've plugged it into my work computer (XP) and also my home computer (Vista) and it does not charge. I tried 2 spare batteries that I know are good and still no charge. At first I figure well I can use another Sansa I have with a cracked screen to charge and I'll be fine. But, today when I plugged in the one I have been using that doesn't seem to charge, it is not recognized at all, by either work nor home computers anymore. So not only can't I charge it but I can't load songs into it either. I've tried a couple different steps at recovery (Hold on, Hold record button, plug into computer, did nothing; Hold on, hold rewind button, plug into computer, did nothing). I can't get it into recovery, no matter what I try, when its plugged into a computer, it simply says Connected, and the battery indicator goes to full and stays that way. Firmware is V03.02.05A. Did I brick it somehow? Any ideas would be helpful. Other than not charging and not being able to load music onto it, it seems to be working fine otherwise.

Also, awhile back I was troubleshooting a C240 V1 that loses its settings when you turn it back on. Everytime you turn that unit on, it boots up then goes to the language select screen. What is ironic about this, is this problem started after using the same car charger that now seems to have screwed up my C250 V2 that this thread is about.

Any help on the C250 V2 is appreciated. And if anybody has any idea what the hell the car charger might have had to do with it, because I have no idea.

Also, if they are bricked, my brother managed to unbrick one I gave to my daughter, so I have someone who can unbrick them if you think that is the problem.
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