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Default AC adapter for G3

Has anyone ever used the G3 with an AC adapter? G3 doesn't use a rechargeable battery, but I'd like to have an AC adapter that I can use to power the G3 and use it as a standalone player when I'm near an outlet and don't want to drain the batteries. I guess it should power the G3 through the USB port - is G3 compatible with the AC adapters that are used as chargers for the other models? For example the adapter for iAudio 6/U2/U3/F2 or the one for A2/X5/X5L/M5/M3? Or is there any other adapter that could work?
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Since the G3 is powered via AA batteries you can't charge or use it without batteries. It won't receive power via USB.
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OK, thanks. I was hoping that maybe it would be possible.
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I wanted to use my Sansa E140 whilst doing other things and I built a simple USB battery replacer using a dummy AAA battery (but no longer seems to be made, although a piece of dowling rod cut to shape would do) it requires a circuit to be made (to make sure that only 1.5V is drawn and that the current is limited to protect the unit and USB device but would cost no more then $10 to make. If you want I can draw and upload the circuit.
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I realize this thread is 2 years old and probably no one uses a G3 any more, but really, if you're still using yours, why not just put a rechargeable AA cell in it? That's what I do with my AAA powered player. I have a pack of four NiMH AAA's and when one goes flat I just swap in another, and eventually get around to recharging the spent ones.

The G3 is such a great player for this reason. Absolutely nothing stops you from using rechargeables, but you can also use bog-standard throwaway AA's if you don't have a recharger handy. I looked in on the G3 forum because I wish they still made players like this, except with higher capacity.
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