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Default Should I add impedance to my Etymotic 4Ps?

I have a Cowon i7 driving some Etymotic ER-4Ps. I listen to FLACs of everything from classical to acoustic to heavy metal. I prefer a flat response with smooth treble, and I don't want any muddy bass boost (although I've been happy with measured use of the Mach3Bass in the Cowon).

I'm considering what I can do next to upgrade. My i7 generates some hiss, although it doesn't bother me too much. I often wish that the jump in volume between volume settings was smaller, or that I could listen quieter than "1". I can't explain exactly what improvement I'm looking for, but a quieter noise floor, greater dynamics, and more 3-dimensionality would all be great.

Would adding impedance to the Ety 4Ps help? I could either buy the OEM convertor, which I believe makes them like the ER-4S and about 100 ohms, or I could buy some custom convertors which could make them either more than or less than 100 ohms.

How much impedance should I add? Will the i7 still be able to drive them? Should I get an amp? I don't want to spend too much at first, so I was eying the PA2V2.

I could either add less impedance (but still add some) and use no external amp, I could upgrade completely to the ER-4S and 100 ohms (with or without an amp), or I could add even more impedance if I'm going to use an amp anyway.

Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you very much!

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