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Default Transfer Content Gadget Thingamajig

So I've had my X1061 for a few days now, and overall enjoying it. Have a few questions about the software though.

I use Windows Vista, and the Transfer Content installation added a gadget to my Windows Sidebar, which is great. As soon as I connect the walkman, the gadget fills in and tells me how much space is on it, etc. I assume there is something similar on XP, as a stand alone application.

I fired up my iTunes (had an iPod before this), and did the drag and drop of some of my music files. It worked fine. Only, thing is, I had to look at the Walkman itself to see the "Do Not Disconnect" message flashing to know it was doing anything.

When I tried dragging a video clip, however, nothing happened at all. Now, after searching this forum I of course discovered the strict resolution and codec requirements of the Walkman, and I now know that's why the files didn't copy.

But, my question is this: is there any setting for this Transfer Content application to have it indicate whether or not something transfered? Some sort of software "activity light" or similar? I tried looking through the help file, but it seemed really basic in the information it contains, although it does mention a "progress bar" but I've not seen that yet.

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