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Default e200 with 4GB SD Card

Hello Everybody,

Actually I'm a bit confused
The Rockbox World is so enormous

I have an e200 Snansa MP3 Player, with 2 GB SD Card

2 Months Previous, I bought a 4 GB SD Card for my MP3 Player .. inserted it into the player, but it didn't work .. a friend of me told me to install : The Rockbox firmware & I did

It was a bit complicated & not beautiful as the sansa Original firmware ..

So I Unnstalled it .

But Now, I've found how much it's useful .. it contains millions of features .. so, I installed it again today .. But I Got Some Problems

Well, Here's what I wanna Do :

* Installing Rockbox with a Beautiful Theme.
* Installing : sncviewer plug-in in order to read .lrc files
* Making The SD Card work
[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/MOHAMM%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG]* Installing : ReverseBL-2007-12-14.mi4 in order to reverse booting

The 4 GB Card worked with Rockbox .. but I need help in a few steps, please ..

* Which Version of Rockbox should I use !!
* I installed rockbox through : rbutilqt software, it asked me for a complete - Minimal Installation, I Chose Complete .. But I want to remove some files like games, fonts, etc ... so is this possible !!
* ReverseBL-2007-12-14.mi4 didn't work, How should I make it work !!
* How should I install sncviewer !!
Because it didn't work either

So, if you guys Help me ... I Would be Grateful

Thanks in Advance
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