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Default Cuesheet support?

Hi guys!

I've been using the vanilla rockbox build for a few weeks now, since custom builds are not updated anymore. All is fine, except that whenever I enable cuesheet support and select an album to play that has one, the player locks up completely. This didn't happen with Kugel's build.
Anyone noticed this too?

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I haven't heard of this, but you could file a bug report if its reproducible. Ideally upload a sample cue that causes it too so someone can look at it.
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Thanks for the reply! I attached a cue file which always show the symptom. Do you see any problem with it?
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I've been running vanilla rockbox for ages with cuesheets without any problems, so unless it's a problem that's just cropped up in a recent build (i think i'm using a build that's a couple of months old at the moment) then it must be either the cuesheet, the mp3 file itself, or your install is corrupted.

I can't seen any problems with that cuesheet (from a purely visual inspection), but to be sure you could try playing the album+cuesheet in something like foobar2000, which will give you pretty a good indication of whether there's something wrong or not.

Oh, and check that the filename specified in the cuesheet (3rd line) exactly matches that of the mp3 file.

Try playing the mp3 file itself directly from the file browser, to see if that is corrupted.

Other than that it could be a problem with your rockbox installation, you might have stuff sitting around from your kugel build - do a reinstall, completely delete your .rockbox directory first.
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Playing in foobar, playing the mp3 file itself, the filename in line 3 are all ok (already checked before posting). Nothing should be left from Kugel's build as I deleted the rockbox folder entirely before putting on the new one I'll test older builds gradually now...
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