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Default X Series display questions


I've got an A729 -- previous-generation 16-gig player -- and I'm really quite happy with it. Wouldn't mind more capacity and bigger/better screen, so I'm interested in the X series 32-gigger. For the record, video / gapless / wifi / web browsing aren't important at all to me. The biggest thing beyond the sound quality is how you can set it to "march through your albums," rather than just stopping when it gets to the end of an album. I use this at the office, docked, AC powered full-time, and I just turn it on and let it keep on going. Works for me -- I'm working, not fiddling around with my dang MP3 player. Oh, and the signal goes through the dock to a good-quality Yamaha mini-stereo system, thus the use of the dock.

OK, so since my A729 is AC powered all of the time, I've got it set to "Screensaver = off" -- and thus the screen is "on" all the time. Exactly what I want -- I like to glance over every now and then to see what's playing.

But, I've downloaded the X series manual and gone through it -- and I don't see any way to keep the display turned on full-time. Even worse, there doesn't appear to be any "New Song Pop-Up" option, either. So, once the screen goes off, all you've got is a blank brick, unless and until you grab the thing and push a button or touch the screen, right?

That'd be a big bummer to me. Along with the wifi/web browser nonsense that I won't use and would rather not pay for, this is something that'll make me think an extra three or four times before dropping four hundred bucks on the thing.

So, can anyone confirm this for me? Is there really NOTHING you can do to set the thing to show ANYTHING -- and it just shuts the screen off and that's it, until you pound on the thing?

Thanks for the info!
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