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Old 07-13-2009, 09:00 PM
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Default Thinking of buying the S9, a few questions first

I'm giving some serious thought into getting an S9 to replace my Creative ZVM (it still works pretty well, I've just had it a long time and want something new). I have a couple questions about the functionality of the player, since it's not available in stores here in the US for me to play with before buying.

1) How does the S9 handle podcasts? I see that it has dedicated software for downloading podcasts, but how are they displayed on the device itself? Do podcasts have their own section in the menu, or are they lumped in with the rest of the audio files? If it's the latter, does the S9 have a bookmarking feature? Some podcasts can be pretty long, and I might want to listen to some music between starting and finishing one.
2) With the track control buttons on the top, it seems like switching tracks from within your pocket would be nearly impossible. Is that true?
3) How are "The" artists organized? Would The Beatles be under B or T?
4) When you're listening to all your songs on shuffle, how is the playlist organized? For instance, on the ZVM, when I listen on shuffle oftentimes a song will come on, and I decide I want to listen to a different song from that album. On that device, I can double tap the touch pad to see the playlist, and all the songs are organized by album. I know some players do it alphabetically, which would make this impossible. How does the S9 handle this? Sorry if that's a little confusing. It's hard to explain and I'm probably the only one who cares about this.

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