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Default Please Help a Newb - iTunes/lossless questions


First off, let me say I just purchased an s9 largely because of the the info provided here. It is due to arrive this week and I have a few qts. I have used the search feature on this site to get some answers, but I still don't seem to be completely clear on some things. Believe it or not this is my first PMP/mp3 player and I am still in the process of burning all my CDs. So that being said, I'm really after the best audio quality I can get, so it looks like lossless is the way to go even though it takes up a lot of space. So my questions:

1) I just burned a CD using iTunes with Apple-lossless. Will I be able to drag and drop this into my s9?

2) Can I drag and drop my other songs I've downloaded from iTunes into the s9. The specs don't support iTunes files?

3) It looks like the best quality I can get off iTunes is 258kbps? If I want lossless quality is there somewhere else to download such a large selection of songs, or am I going to have to go back to buying CDs and ripping them as lossless? Or should I just stick with iTunes and deal with 258 kbps?

4) I read in one of the answers on here about using LAME as an alternative to lossless which is comparable in quality but takes up less space. Can someone please dumb that down for me and walk me through how to do that? Keep in mind that I recently had to google the different kinds of mp3s and file formats just to get an idea of what the heck I'm doing, so I'm a total newb and not ashamed to admit it!

Thanks again for everyone's help as this site has helped me take a step in the right direction to take my music enjoyment to the next level.
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