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Default /database/album trks play in alpha ord

I have had my sansa e260 for a couple of years now, I do not know if
how the orig firmware works as I only use rb currently r21438-090621

almost all of my music comes from ripped cd's, with the id3 tags containing an album name. so the normal sequence for me is /database/album.
the problem for me is that the player plays the tracks in alphabetical name sequence rather than track number sequence. I get around this by putting
tn01- tnxx in front of the id3 name tag of every track.

Is there an alternative? I have considered a playlist for every album.
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Assuming you haven't changed the database sort order that comes with rockbox, you just need to fill out the TRACKNUMBER field in the id3 tags. The default for the "album" preset is "abum-name/tracknumber.title".
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Well very interesting. When I first got the player approx 3 years ago, I couldn't get rockbox to play the tracks in track number order, maybe something has changed in rockbox since? or I just screwed up.

I do fill in the track number field as well as most other fields that might have some utility.

I am intrigued by your comment "Assuming you havent changed the database sort order" I am looking around in my rockbox menus for a way to do this and I am finding nothing obvious.
Thanks for the reply and I am going to try changing the names of songs in a couple of albums to see if rockbox will play in track number order now. Once I started, I just continued with the tn01-tnxx method out of habit.
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