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Default God this thing is such a finger print magnet.

And that's just about my only complaint. Of course, I'm not really worried about it looking ugly, considering that I bought it for music and not as an aesthetically pleasing object.
I love this thing. I just got the 8gb, I put an 8gb microsdhc in it and now I have a bit over 1800 songs (not a lot, but like hell I'm going to reencode it) on it and still some space left over. It sounds great (so far as my untrained ears can tell ), but having to remove some crap left on the player was a bit annoying. Of course, I wish I could have gotten a D2, but I'm happy with I got. (And ecstatic that it's not an iPod, which is what my parents wanted to get me!)
A bit earlier this week my mum got me a pair of Sennheiser EH-150's, and god they get loud; it's so nice to have something big again. The only real thing that bugs me about them is the 10ft long cord, but I can live with that.

One thing: How long does your battery life last on average? I figure my average will fall a bit short because of my choice of headphones and noise.

Edit: **** I hate it when I do that.
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