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Old 07-10-2009, 04:00 PM
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Default Fiio E5 and Sony MDRXD300, will I notice any improvement?

Hey everyone,

So, here goes as I suck up my pride and admit my noobish failures . I've recently purchased some Sony MDRXD300 headphones, and when I hook them up to my laptop and my respective MP3 players/Phone music players, they sound pretty good but I feel as though I could crank a more powerful crisper sound out of them. So I'm looking for some opinions on whether you guys think that a Fiio E5 would make any kind of a reasonable improvement. I've done some spec cross referencing and they should be well within impedance levels.

Fiio: 16ohms - 300ohms
Sony MDRXD300: 70ohms @ 1kHz

I know the Fiio E5 is definitely a starter amp, but come on, it's so cheap. But then again, it's cheap (it's cost makes me skeptical). The amp would mostly be used for home use in driving the headphones when connected to my laptop.

So I guess I'm asking, would it be worth grabbing an E5 or will it be a futile attempt at sound glory, also I'd rather not spend $100 US or more for a higher power amp, I'm on a tight budget here.

Also, if an E5 might be a worthy investment, does anybody know if head-direct ships to Canada? The UK Fiio supplier does, but the Amp would cost me upwards of $50 CND after shipping!

Thanks for the input!

P.S. I've been sucking up all I can learn about all about how audio systems work, it's really fascinating. My goal is by Christmas to build my own CMoy pocket amp (it's ambitious I know, but I don't think beyond reason)
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