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Default 2/4GB= how many songs? how many 30 min. videos?

2 GB: how many 3 min. length songs? and how many episodes of scrubs can i put up?

Same question for the 4GB.

thankies! <3
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it is depend on what type of music file and the bit rate of the music
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normally i see that a 320k bit rate song is about 3x the size of a 128k bit rate. This means if you have a 9MB 320k song, you can convert it to a 128k and it will be approx 3MB.

Companies are stupid and they say that it will hold 1000 songs with the 4gb and 500 on the 2gb. They dont bother to tell you (well they do, in really small print) that this is only the song count if you use 64k-96k WMA's. Which makes the song approx 4x smaller then a 320k MP3.

As for video, well i havent really used any videos since its only 15fps playback. However the 3-4min movie that comes on the player when you buy it is approx 14MB for 3-4mins.
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I've got a 4GB Zen V+, and it can hold up to 30 albums (~ 335 songs). The files are MP3 at 320kbits/s CBR.

I also have a Zen Micro (5GB). I used to have two music sets (one at 320kbits/s CBR and other at 128kbits/s CBR -- the same music in two distinct bitrate settings) some time ago, and I remember that I could load about 1,000 songs onto the Micro (~ 90 albums).

Don't know about videos, though.
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I use 128Kbps WMA and I have 507 songs (some of which are 8-12 minute-long jams), 15 Flash games, dozens of pictures, and 1 short video on the 2GB clix.

Just got the 4GB, so I'll let you know what I manage to cram on there....
-- DLF
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Average 21 min tv show seems to be about 70-80 mb depending on quality
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Originally Posted by clish_a View Post
2 GB: how many 3 min. length songs? and how many episodes of scrubs can i put up?

Same question for the 4GB.

thankies! <3
that's such a vague question, but i plan to answer it anyway.
I can fit about 800 songs on my 2 gig. I shrink my music to 112kbps or 96kbps. I hear no difference. If you do then you shouldnt shrink them.

Scrubs? Why are you mentioning a show? Anyway, Scrubs is about 42 minutes per episode. That's about 130-170mb each episode, depending on your conversion rate. I use BADAK and choose general video/high quality audio.
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