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Old 07-09-2009, 12:17 PM
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Default using with car deck usb connector --> loads internal flash only

Hi all,

I want to use rockbox with my car adapter that has a USB connector for ipods and flash drives,

but while the 3.3 rockbox enables usb, it mounts two drives under linux, the internal and external flash (8gb micro sd in this case),

when I connect it to my car's usb port, it only sees the INTERNAL (4GB) flash card.

Is there a way to disable the internal flash, or prioritize the mounting somehow so that the car will see the sd card instead?

thanks. Tried searching but "car" and "usb" both get ignored by the search util because they're short.
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Old 07-09-2009, 05:48 PM
saratoga saratoga is offline
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You could dig into the USB code and see about rearranging the order of the mount points, but I think it would be quite difficult unless you know a good bit about USB.
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Old 07-16-2009, 03:34 PM
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Is there any other way to make this happen? I can live with it, but I wonder if there is a way to change how the player presents the music locations via could you create a generic drive that pulls the file info from/ or references both the internal flash and the external card and present it as a single mount point? When I say "could you create", I mean is it realistically feasible?
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Old 07-17-2009, 05:37 AM
Daveybaby Daveybaby is offline
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The same thing happens if you plug the sansa into an xbox360, it only sees the first device (because that's all it looks for).

You *could* rewrite the USB code (probably a lot of other stuff too) to make both devices appear as one logical device, but that's a SERIOUS amount of work. It would probably have to be a special mode of operation because you would have to prohibit writing to the sansa in that situation.
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