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Default My first thoughts on the x1061

Ok, so I've had my X series 32gb for 5 days now and I thought that I would give you my first impressions.
A little background, I have an A series (A728) 8gb and also used an E but if your reading this then you have probably read my review on that piece of trash. I thought that I really wanted and needed 32gb but in hindsight after maxing out the X I realized that 16 would have sufficed for me. With 7000 songs on my player I found that I really only listen to about half of them. Perhaps I'll find the extra capacity to be usefull by loading some dvd's on it.

So the good and the bad..........

The Good:
Typical high quality sony build standards. Fit and finish is perfect. And to those here complaining about the 80s' retro stonewashed look, don't worry, it's only on the edge and you only notice it by feel which is a good thing.
Sound quality is great. I initially thought that it was lacking a little base compared to my A with the same sound setings but now I have decided that it's really just a flatter, truer, cleaner sound kinda like the Clip or Fuse. The volume seems as if it's just a hair lower then my A. Normal volume level on my A is 16 and on the X is 17.
The oled screen looks awsome. The colors are alot more vibrant then I anticipated. But bewarned, it's very tempting to jack up the brightness for enjoying the screen at the expense of draining the battery.
The youtube link is very cool but other then being at home, how often can you actually access an open/free wifi signal?
I really like the ability to set the hold for touch screen only and still use the buttons and I just love the big home key at the bottom. Very easy to start or restart your searching through the player.
Full compliment of Sony settings and enhancements but I don't think that the volume normalizer works as well as on the A series.
The volume rocker switch seems better then the A series.
I also like the ability to change the wallpaper to any photo you want.
The large Album art is very nice and you can tap the artwork to get rid of the overlapping buttons.
The search by initials is also great, even more convienent then the A.

The Badand there's lots of it)
Look, I really wanted to love this player. Who wouldn't after dropping $400, but I am just so disappointed in it that I ALMOST regret buying it.
ABI first started talking about this thing on 12/12/08 and I've been really anticipating it.
Now I said ALMOST. Everyone seems to concur that the touchscreen interface and firmware on the X is the best, most responsive technology on the market, even better then the S9 or P3. Well if thats true, then I don't want to touch any of the latter because the Sony IMHO is slow and unresponsive. Everything on this machine is SLOW. The album art has a lag to it on the now playing screen and if you choose to scroll through all album art at a quick pace, it's like the Roadrunner waiting for Wiley Coyote to catch up in regards to display write/refresh times.The virtual buttons require too much patience to hit them just right at the correct angle and length of press.I have encountered alot of non presses. Even the physical button commands are slow to respond and require a steady rate of pressing. Weird, huh? My A can move as fast as I can press buttons. This thing moves so slow it almost makes me think that it has a harddrive and not flash memory.
Speaking of buttons, the hard ones at the top are of nice quality but they are too small and crowded by the headphone jack, especially if you use phones with a right angle plug. Sony should enlarge the buttons and move them more to the right, and/or put the headphone jack back on the bottom where it belongs.
At the now playing screen you are now missing the year and genre info plus you are unable to drill through the album, artist, songs, genre, and year links like you could on the A series.(my 2nd biggest gripe w/the X)
The fonts are all very small making them not only harder to read (especially while driving), but harder to press accurately.
When you have the touchscreen on hold and are using the hardware buttons to control play you will find that the screen displays whatever the last display was, even a menu. This should always show the now playing display when on hold, when actived. Also if you press the home key the display will pop up if you want to see whats playing, but if you press it twice then the main menu shows up and you will have to take the player off hold and hit the now playing button to restore music info.
Noise cancellation is kinda worthless. Yea, it works a little but also introduces some kind of low hum/hiss into your listening enviroment. I would have rather the NC switch be used as a on/off for the wireless connection. The wifi is both a battery drainer and a pita to quickly enable/disable. It really needs a switch ofr shortcut, either hardware or virtual.
Wifi: Pathetic, absolutly inexcusable. I cannot begin to describe how bad this is. It's so frustrating that I refuse to use it.
Lastly, my most frustrating, irritating point is the !@#$ing creating library that happens everytime you charge via usb. This began with the E series and Sony seems determined to piss me off with the X. Basicly what happens is even when you charge with no changes to the player, it acts as though you have synced new files and reverts back to the first song in your player. Extremly frustrating when you have 7000 songs on shuffle and I have to start over each and every day.

Other misc. thoughts:

The player is quite heavy. I have not decided if this overall is good or bad. The weight of it tends to keep it in your shirt pocket but if it falls, it will certainly hit with greater force and stress on the headphone jackand player. In contrast when my Clip falls, I feel like there is almost no stress or damage to the player or headphone jack/plug due to the lack of weight/stress.

While we are on the subject on headphones, the ones included w/ the X are very good just like most Sony's but for some reason they do not connect well to other devices. The plug looks a little different, mabey due to noise cancelling. Also, when is Sony going to start putting a right angle plug on their included IEM's. Although a staight plug is actualy better in this case until it goes bad because the straight ones always seem to go bad quicker then the right angles. Also the headphone cord is very short with no included extension making it difficult to carry in your back pocket.

Pics: look great due to the OLED.

Podcasts: I have no experience.

Radio: Don't use it, EVER.

Slacker: Have not had time to try it but I've checked out their web site, sampled their offerings, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Videos: I really want to put some dvd's on here (especially my music videos) but I have no idea where to begin or what software to use. The sample videos do look really good.

I fell in love with this player prior to it's release but now it's more of a love/hate relationship. It sounds great and has a great screen but has too many shortcomings. Based on the current offerings of players, if, like
myself want 32gb, good build quality, internet/youtube, and Slacker radio then the Sony is it but I will not recommend it. The saddest thing is all they had to do was bump up the flash memory in the A or S players, they were as close to perferct as you could get without external/expandable memory. Why does Sony insist on fixing stuff till it's broken? Almost all the problems/quirks I listed could be repaired (including a better browser) with a firmware update, but we all know how Sony feels about that.

Bottom line is there is no excuse for any of these problems in a $400 player especially when they had obtained perfection in the A & S series. This will be my last Sony purchase at initial release and perhaps my last Sony mp3 player purchase period. I am sickened and disappointed beyond mere words after waiting 7 months for this thing to come to market. I really expected Sony's flagship player to be perfect. But it may be the best of the worst in the 32gb class.

After all the anticipation of this model, on a scale of A to F I grade it a "C".

Just my opinion, and I may update at a later time. I'm sure that I missed some stuff along the way.
Please comment if you find any error in my conclusions.

BTW: I know, please don't remind me that my spelling is probably poor

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