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Default H130, what would cause this? Dead --> not dead!

Today, I took my H130 to the radio station to record my show (I record from line out to MP3 from the air board while I do a 3 hour DJ shift on college radio). I made sure the H130 had a decent charge before going to the station. Once there, about to start my show I pressed the On button and got no response.... zip! I tried a dozen more times and nothing. Therefore, I got no recording. Once home, I plugged in the charger and pressed the on button and voila, on! I removed the charger about 2-3 minutes later, turned the player off, then on and it powered up and showed 3.99v on the battery, nearly a full charge (I'm using Rockbox). Why in the world wouldn't the H130 turn on earlier????
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Hi dmusicant,
I know this post is old but here goes!
How old is the battery in your 100 series? as that is a common fault with both the 100 & 300 series.
Also how long does the battery last? a good new 2200mAh Cameron Sino lasts for: 16hrs plus, that's on Rockbox 3.4 & with the back light on all the time & on the HDD all the time with earphones connected at volume -15db.
Only go ahead with the battery replacement if the battery last for 5hrs or less from a full charge,
Instructions on how to remove the battery connection: when you have removed all the 10 screws on the outside & then remove the 6 screws which are holding down the main PCB.
Then use a small flat screw driver to remove the main PCB from the front casing & then flip the PCB over so you can see the LCD & go for the white battery connector for the battery, bottom left hand corner but becareful of the daughter board, try not to bend it as this causes faults on the HDD connection, the best way I have found is to use a small screw driver & pull the plug right back & then lift it from a angel but do this gentley, it should come out ok, just do it slowly.
Then do it again in reverse.
If you need anymore help, just let me know?
Regards Tom.
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Hey, thanks. I am not sure how I found this, it was maybe by accident!

I am not sure about the quality of my batteries but I'm getting by. I think they have at least 5 hours worth of charge when fully charged. I actually try not to fully charge them, I've heard that isn't good for them. I just put some charge on them when I'm about to use them. I have an H120 with 30 GB HD and an H140. I am using both for recording almost exclusively right now, occasionally I use them to move data.

I'm working on a friend's H120 right now. He dropped it and the HD evidently failed and I just put in a new HD, same as the one in my H120, a Toshiba MK3006GAL. The thing starts, but neither of my laptops is able to mount the drive. They beep when it's connected or disconnected, but no mount (i.e. drive letter). Ideas? Also, I've had to reset it a couple of times. It has Rockbox loaded in firmware. The HD, of course, has nothing on it. Don't even know if it's formatted.

Yeah, I found this totally by accident today. The title intrigued me and I dove in, not realizing that I was the OP!
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h120, h130, h140, ihp-120, ihp-140

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