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Default Managing Mac issues

Although I've been happy with the sound of the D2+ I have found it miserable when used with Macs in MSC mode. It seems that between Spotlight indexing and the file system events daemon, issues like disappearing music files, arguments about whether the drive may be ejected, and slow, slow D2 system scans can result.

Here is how to manage some of them. I'll assume that when you plug your D2 into your Mac, the desktop drives you see are called D2 and D2 EXT.

Warning: if you are not comfortable with Unix-y commands this procedure may not be for you. I've tested this on exactly one D2+ and it works, but your mileage may vary. Please read through the procedure and understand it before you do it. You may lose data or get warts if you do it wrong.

Italicized lines are verbatim; type them exactly as specified but make sure you substitute your named drives for "D2" and "D2 EXT"; for example if, when you plug your D2 into your Mac its drive icon is called "FIDO", then substitute FIDO for D2.

Go to System Preferences/Spotlight/Privacy and add the two drives to the "Privacy" list.

Open a terminal and change directory to /Volumes/D2.

cd /Volumes/D2


ls -lart

which should give you a list of all the files on the drive. You'll see some Mac droppings - weird files that start with a period.

Delete the entire Spotlight directory and everything in it:

rm -rf .Spo*

Create a file that tells Spotlight never to index this drive:

touch .metadata_never_index

Enter the .fseventsd directory:

cd .fseventsd

Delete everything in there except the . and .. directories

rm .

Create a file that tells the file system events daemon not to log here

touch no_log

Get out of the "Volumes/D2/.fsevents" directory:

cd ../..

Repeat these instructions for the D2 EXT directory. When you change to this directory the space will require you to do it like this:

cd "D2 EXT"

As far as I can tell the .Trashes and ._.Trashes files do no harm.

I hope this helps you, it works for me.
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