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Default bluetooth phone AND headphones

Sorry guys if this is stupid and if I JUST noticed this, but... I was connected by bluetooth to my phone and to my wireless headphones. I didn't think that was possible? The headphones stopped the music, answered the call, and returned the music, all with my headphones. (They're southwing wireless headphones, with built in mic). I tried to recreate these connections, but I asked me if I wanted to "Disconnect all other devices before connecting". So what could this be??? Or how do I do this if it already is possible?
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Default search

I found this thread and the answer both via google. as well as both on this forum. thanks abi.

Connect p2 to headphones, connect phone to headphones, rinse, repeat. the p2 can't connect to two devices simultaneously.

for people who haven't successfully accidentally done this proving that their headphones can support two devices, read your headphones' manual.
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The P2 can connect to two devices. It's easy to connect to two headsets at a time. Page 117 pf the P2's user manual version 4.0. I haven't played around with connecting to a phone and a headset, but the P2's bluetooth does support dual headsets at least.

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