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Old 07-01-2009, 09:55 AM
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Default Canít really say I agree with a lot of the S9 reviews.

So after agonizing (and agonizing others) for months over what player to get I went with the Cowon S9.

Now honestly I was really worried about a few things I had read in the reviewsÖ.the radio reception, the UI and the build quality. Just about every review I saw said that though the sound and video quality were great these other issues held back this player. I have to say that I totally disagree and canít help but feel like they are using the Apple products as the ďstandardĒ or something.

The UI is not nearly as bad as itís been made out to be. Sure itís not as user friendly as some other players but in my opinion the UI isnít bad enough to knock off points. Itís just a matter of spending a few minutes getting used to it really.

Radio reception for me has been very good. I even get most stations from inside my building which is impressive for any radio as far as Iím concerned. That said I understand that others might have issues in other parts of the world but radio reception is a nonissue where I am.

Now for build qualityÖ.Iím completely confused why the reviews say this thing is poorly built or cheap feeling. This thing is built very well and does not feel cheap in any way at all as far as Iím concerned. The only thing I can think of is that itís being compared to the iphone/itouch which is very heavy for what it is in my opinion.

AnywayÖjust my opinion on those issues.

Yesterday a friend at work was showing me the Transformers movie on his iphone. So I pulled out my S9 and showed him Lord of the Rings: TT on my S9. To say he was shocked to see the S9ís video quality is probably an understatement.

This thing is flat out incredible and after owning it for a couple weeks or so Iím so happy I bought it over any other player. Easily on of the best products I have EVER bought in my life.
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