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Default Newbie Album Art Confusion

Hello, I'm using WMP with D2 2.59. Album art shows in WMP library on PC. Art shows on D2 internal memory but not on sdhc external memory. I've spent hours searching-Cowon, mp3tag, etc. Thanks.
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try placing an image of the album's art in the same folder as the songs for that album named cover.jpg
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Default More Album Art Woes

I've had a D2 for over a year and I vaguely recall my MP3 files properly showing album art at some point. However, since installing version 2.57 and now most recently 2.59 I don't get to see the album art I painstakingly embedded in all my MP3s.

I already know about saving the album picture as "cover.jpg" and placing it in the same folder as the files (I had to do this for all my OGGs), but I really don't want to have to do this for all my MP3s now.

As a side note, I just discovered that you can replace the default theme even without switching to the 3.xx firmware. Some of Cassini's stuff looks amazing, and it makes me love my D2 all over again. This thing with the album art is a minor gripe, but I would love it if someone could maybe key me in on some way to get it to display properly.

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Addendum: I embedded all album art as 200x200 jpgs using Mp3Tag 2.4x.

I hope this hasn't been addressed already, because I did search. I just didn't see any solutions other than putting the album art as an external file alongside the MP3s.
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