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Smile Finally bought it! + a couple of answers needed! :)

After a lot of time spent on the net searching,finding,calculating etc. I ordered the following:

Cowon D2+ 16 GB (black)

Alessandro MS-1i (for home use mostly)

Head Direct RE-2 (street use mostly,and sleep too )

I think/hope/know I'll be very happy when I get it! Hopefully everything will arrive on time and as agreed (meaning: no custom delays and problems)!

Next on my list (coming september probably) will be cca 50$ headphone amp,decent ic cable, 16 gb or 32 gb SDHC memory card,protective equipment for my cowon, and possibly bowl pads for alessandro and comply or tri-flanges for RE-2.

Now,some questions:

1. What do I need to do when charging (especially first couple of times) to achieve maximum battery life?
2. Will ac adaptors with current of 550 mA or 1000 mA damage the battery,ie. Is there a possibility of overcharging the battery and battery leakage?

Those are my main questions for now…
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I've never really "prepped" a batterry to get max life out of it. not for my cell phone, not for my D2, not for anything and I've always been alright (my cell is almost two years old and in one day the charge never drops below half)

The D2/+'s battery is so efficient and long lasting on it's own that I don't think you'll have a problem with or without "prepping" it. I wouldn't know exactly what you'd want to do to prep it for max time. I usually get 35+ hours off of one charge, I don't skip every other track, but I skip a fair few when I'm, feeling picky. I also let the volume range from 10 to 50 depending on what I'm using it with and what I'm using it for. so long as you remember to plug it in often enough that it never dies mid-song I don't think it's too big of a deal.

I don't know the current of the AC charger, but I do know that it uses a different slot for the AC charger than the USB charger (at least on the old D2 it does, not sure about the +) The usb cord uses a mini-usb on the player, and the wall charger uses cowon's "expansion slot" thing, which won't take anything but cowon's charger and line in/out cords. Also you cannot play music while the USB cord is plugged in, but you can with the charge cord (if you turn it on, put your music selection on, then plug it in.)
Cowon iAudio D2 16gb (D2+ FW 2.11) + FiiO E5 + Head-Direct RE2s.
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So,I can use usb/mini usb to micro usb adapter for my motorola or apple wall charger and charge d2+ like that (motorola 500mA, apple 1000 mA, both 5V output)?
The picture of adapter:

Can someone who owns vintage d2 (there seems to be many) write down original cowon d2 ac adapter specifications (output voltage and current)?
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Hi, I've just bought a 'vintage' D2 - 5v 2A
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