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Help A Few "Get Started" With Rockbox Questions

I just ordered a 4 gig E260 refurb unit from newegg and I am certain it's a v.1, as they all seem to be judging from the reviews. $35 plus a $10 case they are throwing in for free I actually like and will use. So this is a super bargain

Anyway I will be able to get Rockbox installed plenty easy, I am sure. But I have a few questions:

1) When the player arrives do I need to do anything to it before starting the swap? Or should I? Set the time, load music, etc? I plan to charge it right off. But other then that, anything else? Or do I just switch to Rockbox "right out of the box" so to speak?

2) I've read the e200 series will read microSDHC cards with Rockbox but the music has to be loaded before its put on the player. Is this true? Because I've also read this isn't the case with newer builds. Or the latest? Also, does it integrate the music with internal memory on the menus, and how does it display album art if not? Or how does it display album art period if you have to preload the music on the card?

3) How is battery life with Rockbox? Is the battery on the e260 replaceable?

4) How does the e260 do with video? I have a Fuze and its easy to convert and load for. Looks pretty decent, too

Anyway thank you. These might seem like mundane questions but I like to do things right. And so asking people with experience is a good idea

Oh, and how do you like Rockbox? If you care to comment

EDIT: Oh oh...looks like one or two buyers got a v.2. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a v.1. I mean I'll like it otherwise and use it, but it will look and function much like my Fuze. I kinda want
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