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Default Can someone help me decide between these Mp3 players?(listed)

Well I've been looking for an mp3 for a while last one was an Accurian that i wasn't too happy with. I was looking at the iRiver 8gb P7, the archos 605, Cowon o2, Cowon S9, the Zune 8, and the Creative Zen Xi-FI. In order of interest.

What one is all around best? All around best for the money? Are they all compatible with subscription based services? Any info would help
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Of those players you listed, the S9 is the best. Also very good and cheaper are the Sansa Fuze and Clip. The P3 is very good and similar to the S9 and the Sony range of players is excellent.
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Default hush

just ask your self

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Wide range of sizes and pocketability. Iriver's P7 is 4.3", and mine is a brick after a failed firmware update. No (zero) support from iriver. Archos 605 and Cowon O2 are also big. I've tried neither. Of the ones left, the S9 is far ahead, and better sounding, while also getting good attention and effort from Cowon.
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That is a widerange of players you listed. Its best to tell us what exactly you are looking for first. With that said, I would go for the s9. It has either the best Sound or Video quality out of the players you listed.
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Be more specific as for your uses. The O2 is great if you want to watch a lot of movies. That and the s9 are up to par SQ wise. The Zune is very good, and has subscription based service, but new HD is coming in a couple of months, so might want to consider that.
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Cowon S9 or the Samsung P3. Its hard to beat the value-for-money with either of these fine players. Both may be used with subscription services. These are both slim / small form factor, touchscreen interfaces, daylight-readable high quality displays, incredible battery life, quality well-built, intutive and feature-rich interfaces, and have extremely good SQ.
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