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Default D-Rise 1400

Kid wants an Ipod touch, but Apple and iTunes are against my religion.

Been looking at Samsung Q2 and P3, I think it is, but they don't have cameras and such.

Not expecting WiFi of course, but camera would make kid happy.

Someone told me about the Chinese "MP5" players.

Does anyone have any experience with the DigitalRise 1400 ? It's from a site called ChinaGrabber (I hope it isn't banned here, the D1400 doesn't look like a counterfeit, just a similar featureset). I won't post direct link just in case.

The 'stylus' part of the specs is worrisome, maybe not true touchscreen with fingers? More like an old pocket pc screen?

Anyway, this is something I might get myself to try first...wouldn't roll the dice on it as a gift for my daughter to be disappointed until I'd tried it myself.

Would love some feedback if anyone here has used either the Chinagrabber site, MP5 players from there, or this D1400 specifically.


8GB 2.8" GB MP5 w/ TouchScreen, Camera - D1400-PMP

DigitalRiseTM D1400 Intro:
The D-Rise D1400 Touch Screen PMP is one of a kind in the crowded Mp3 / Mp4 market. Boasting a large 2.8" touch screen, Built-in 1.2MP Digital Video Camera on back (DV Cam for YouTube) is an amazing product at an amazing price. Not only does the D1400 have built-in 8gb, but it has a built-in expandeable memory card bay for expansion of up to 4gb. A total of 8GB built-in memory onboard means you can download (plug n play - no iTunes required) 2000 songs, or 300 music videos - FM radio when all else fails.

Note: This product is not in any way related to Apple products or iTunes. It has different functionality - more functions.
Interface: USB 2.0 HI-SPEED
DV Camera - 1.2 Mega Pixel Cam
Supported Audio Codecs:MP3 , WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE
Supported Video Codecs: MPEG-4 (AVI) Xvid 320*240 24fps (MP3 128Kbps)
Frequency Response: 30HZ-18KHZ , 0dB- 3dB
FM Frequency reception: 76MHz - 108MHz
File Viewing: JPG, TXT, GIF, animated GIF
Lyrics: LRC
Voice Recording: (WAV) Sampling Rate:8kHz, 16kHz </B (wav) sampling rate:8khz, 16khz>
USB Storage Function
Firmware Update

D1400 SPECIFICATIONS: Sound chip: D-Rise Wolfsen
Input and Output: 5PIN USB, 3.5mm stereo earphone output
Screen: 2.8" QVGA TFT Color Display (Resolution: 320*240) </B 2.8? tft color (resolution: 320*240) qvga display>
Language Support: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Battery: 1000mAH
Expansion Slot: miniSD up to 2GB
Flash Memory Capacity: 8gb Built-in
Wall charger
USB cable
D-Rise D1400 Earphones
Stylus pen
CD with drivers and software
Free Neck Pouch
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As i tell everyone stay away from shotty Chinese designed pmps, battery may explode, lead paint, bad firmware, horrible build quality... and that may be a concern for a kid since they wont be the most careful with it ... Also the cameras on these things are novelty at best... some Korean brand has a decent device ....

update it is the mint pass:

the camera actually looks ok for what it is, and has full wifi and other nifty features ... should be hitting the us soon as the site has been localized, the rumor is that the thing will be about $150 ... and its Korean , not china crap
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Really depends on how old your kid is. If it's a five to ten year old, then a knockoff should be enough to keep him entertained for weeks.

If it's an older kid, then i suggest NOT buying this for him. Chances are he's gonna get pissed at you for buying him a POS that will probably start having problems within a month (or less!)

GO for the Samsung. It's years better than DigitalRiseTM D1400, or w.e knockoff you find.
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