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Old 06-14-2009, 07:05 AM
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Default How to play my my .m4a/aac files on D2 - what are my options?


Apologies, I'm aware that this topic has been covered before but I've been unable to find a definitive answer so I thought I'd ask my questions here.

I recently purchased a 16Gb D2 after my old iPod stopped working after I accidentally dropped it! I decided on the D2 after listening to a friend's D2 and reading the good reviews etc.

I'm a Mac user and everything I read implied that the D2 would work fine with it so I thought life would be simple.

Unfortunately I only discovered after getting my D2 that it won't play nice with .mp4 files and since ~99% of my music collection is stored as .aac files having ripped them in iTunes at the highest aac setting, this is proving a bit awkward. I know I can change the extension from .m4a to .aac and the D2 will then play them but then all the tag information is ignored which makes it frustrating to use.

I would rather not convert my whole selection to mp3 as I will lose quality when converting from one lossy format to another and I would rather not spend the time re-ripping several hundred cds. So what are my options?

Is there anyway I can get my D2 (presently using FW 2.59) to understand the tag information in the aac files? I could write a script to rename the extensions on my music files which I wouldn't mind doing if the tag information could be used.

I've read that older firmwares supported aac/m4a - did the older firmware understand the aac tags and if so where can I get hold of the older firmware and which version could I use? I wouldn't mind using older firmware if it means I can play my music collection on my D2.

What about alternative firmware such as Rockbox? I keep reading mention of it being worked on for the D2 but I can't find anything about the current status and the D2 is not listed as a supported player for it. If I do manage to put Rockbox on my D2 will it play my m4a/aac files and understand the tags? Is Rockbox usable on a D2 or is it too buggy?

I would be greatful for any advice or help that you could provide. I like the sound quality and features of the D2 but I don't want to re-rip my entire music collection just to get it to play with my new player.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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