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Default X series shows up on
price is 499.99 without taxes. the funny news

The anticipated date of arrival is Jun 29, 2009

The press release said early june, not LATE june. And in the specs

Resolution : Up to QVGA?320 x 240?

Resolution : Up to QVGA?320 x 240?

about the brower from the site
Contents may not be shown properly depending on the web site. The device is not able to show flash contents or download contents from web site.

it also comes with a Bonus Sympatico/MSN Music Store All Access Music Card worth 16bucks, which you pay for, but 16 dollars is removed from the price so its free. Now if you use the code:


you will get an additional 25 bucks off, this a deal until June 21st. I checked and it would come out to 532 with taxes and standard shipping to my house. This player is not worth 532 bucks, no where near this much seeing as it is using a lot of old tech (exluding the OLED) and has poor video capabilities.

Perhaps once it drops to around 300ish maybe, but by that time, the new walkmans will probably be out, assuming SI is correct about the september/oct release date.
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I had a shot of one of these a few weeks ago- lovely fast interface, and it's supposed to sound as good or better than the Cowon S9 and P3. But, as you rightly say, it simply isn't worth that kind of money- not with its video specs and mediocre browser.
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In europe it will cost around 270-280 Euro for 16Gb X1050
Samsung P3 16Gb is sellling for around 229 euro
means X1050 cost 50 euro more
Not that it so much difference but what do X1050 realy offer than P3 dont except for the vertical cower flow and a more stable firmware?

And Does X1050 has Speaker like P3 does?
and what about FM recording?
if it dosn't then why should X1050 be better than P3?

Personaly i think i go for A Cowon S9 soon but if i had to choose between X1050 and P3 in local store i think i go for the P3 ofcourse i give both a chance and try them

High volume with quality is the most important issue
Do sony cripple the sony as before then Gogo samsung
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I agree that current price for either is too high. If I ever get one it'll be after prices come down someplace carries them that I have a discount code for. Even 10% would save $30 or $40 off the price. $270 for a 16gb gets closer to seeming fair. I'd buy one at that price if it had Bluetooth built in.
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