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Default Amp for DENON AH-D2000

Hello there! I hope you can help me with my little question.

I just purchased a used model of the discontinued D2000. The price was fair, the phones were in excellent conditions and I was in the market for a good pair of full-size headphones for home listening.

I will use them primarily with my sansa clip+. Now, I know the D2000 have very low impedance, but maybe other technical factors (sensitivity?) may play a role here and I am definitely not an expert. So here's my question:

Do I need an external amplifier with my clip+ in order to properly drive the D2000?

Thank you in advance!
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Does the Clip+ make them loud enough for your taste? If it does adding an amp won't add anything to the sound quality.
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Thanks a lot skip. I haven't received my DENON yet, so I was just trying to figure out what to expect from them in advance.

Since yesterday I have been going deep into this impedance/amping/loudness topic browsing through the usual and well-know forums. It is my understanding that while perceived volume shouldn't be an issue due to the D2000's low impedance (25 Ohm), for the exact same reason there could be a "current issue", namely my Clip+ may be too weak for the current-hungry D2000. Is that so? I don't even know what the results of this (pseudo-)problem are on the phones, sonically speaking.
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I have both a Clip+ and the D2000s. The Clip+ will drive them loud enough, even with Replaygain enabled. You'll have to crank up the volume a bit, but that's not a bad thing.
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