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Default Digizoid ZO FS and FS+ thread.

I posted some news a while ago about the Digizoid ZO 3 in the thread for the ZO 2, but now that the product has been announced I'd feel like it should get its own thread. (The "FS" stands for "Full Spectrum".)

From the website:

The thrill of engaging sound is at your fingertips with SmartVektor FullSpec technology. This all-analog EQ features 33 bass and 33 treble levels, giving you a seemingly infinite set of 1,089 combinations for ultimate control over your listening experience.

ZOFS gives you punchier bass, with power and precision surpassing our previous ZO models. In concert with dynamic bass, elevate your sound with 33 levels of sparkling treble to deliver sound like you've never heard before.
So what do you guys think?
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Cant say anything , until it arrives at my door sometime around July! But it will be Super Awesome , that's for sure!!!
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Looks a lot bigger then the older ones, which is a shame. I always liked the incredibly small size and simple function of their products. $225 + 24% is a bit too much for me though, but am I missing something, and did Digizoid move offices or something? I recall being able to order the previous ZO2 within the EU.
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I preordered the ZoČ back in 2011 when it came out. I dont remember exactly but i believe it was around 100 bucks ($). They shipped it to Germany labeled as "PCB Board, 20$" saving me the import tax.

As EU customer, youre looking at ~270 € with shipping and taxes for the ZO FS+.
That is too damn much.

I mean sandblasted and anodized aluminium casing? Amoled display? The previous models did good without!
Theyre going a little overboard with the fancy stuff, rising the price tag. Its all nice and dandy but my ZOČ with the creaky plastic casing still does the job.

I think im going to wait till the prices are in a reasonable range.
It feels like they just jumped on the "hipster-audiophile-bandwagon" since that audience seems especially ripe for money-milking.

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Well, guys, it's been a long time coming, but I finally caved and ordered a ZO FS late last week. It finally arrived in the mail today. Just opened it, so I haven't had the time to listen to it yet, but I do have a couple of first impressions...

First is the size: It looked a lot bigger in the pics Digizoid initially posted online than it actually is. This should give you an idea of how it stacks against the ZO 2:

So yes, it is bigger, but not nearly as much so as I was expecting -- my Galaxy S3 certainly dwarfs it.

The second is the build quality: While I'm not necessarily happy with the price increase the new anodized aluminum case incurred to customers, there's no denying that it is sturdier than the plastic ZO 2. In fact, this may be the most outright solid-feeling amplifier I've yet possessed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it probably couldn't withstand being pounded by a sledgehammer...but the fact that the feel of it made me wonder for a split second when I first held it speaks volumes, IMHO.

In any case, I plan on giving this a listen soon. I'll probably give you all a general idea of whether I like it or not, but since I no longer have my ZO 2.3 a direct comparison between the two will be impossible to accurately achieve.
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I'd be interested to hear any users further thoughts of the ZOfs/+
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