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Default Bass roll-off

Hi, I am considering on getting the D2+, however after doing some reading, I realised that there would be bass roll-off when the D2+ is used with low impedance earphones. Currently I am using the Crossroads Quattro which has an impedance of 16ohms. I am afraid that I may experience bad bass roll-off. Are there any solutions to this? Or any way to tell whether I will or will not experience the bass roll-off?
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I've never heard the quattro so I couldn't say if they'd have any problems with a D2, but I have used 14 ohm IEMs (although cheap ones) with my D2 and I wasn't aware of rolloff really, perhaps they did roll a bit at the low end, but I sure didn't notice it if it did. perhaps I'm not basshead enough to say haha. I'm currently using 32 ohm IEms and they sound fantastic, but again it depends more on the 'phones in my experience
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With 3 pairs of 32Ohm earphone I didn't notice anything obvious to me. After looking at those graphs of the roll off, I noticed that where it started to become serious there were very few music instruments that were in that range (about 3). Then again I listen to mostly acoustic music, Jazz, Classical, Soundtracks etc. But I know most people are listening to a lot of electronic stuff with exaggerated bass so I guess that's where its the most noticeable.
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