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Default e280 Not Being Recognized By Computer

I am having some trouble with my e280 and I am hoping that this forum might get me on the right track.

I was trying install Rockbox using the latest installer program and I got a configuration error message. So I tried to direct the program to the correct path and then I get a mountpoint error. Now here is the weird part, my computer does not even see my e280. Actually not any Windows based computer By that, I mean it does not see it as two seperate drives. I also am not seeing the message on the player that it is connected and I do not have the ability to add any more music to it. It has only used about half of its 8gb capacity and of course I would like to use all of it and install Rockbox if possible. The other odd thing about my player is that it says that it is a Rhapsody model e280R even though I do not see any of the attributes of what that model is suppose to show. It shows USB support as either MSC or MTP.

The firmware that is installed is version 01.02.24a and my computer is running on Win XP SP3.

So I guess what I need is a way to fix my player so the computer will recognize it so I can add Rockbox to it. My player was recognized in the past but not now.

Thanks in Advance!

Chuck W.
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