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Default zune and podcasts?

Question about the zune, how does it store podcasts. does it mix them all together with music or does it have it's own group folder? Can you do on the fly play lists, IE with out a computer just select two or three podcasts and have them play them in a temp the older Sandisk players Golist.

right now I have a fuze but I hate not having a golist and I hate the way it stores podcasts. Ie I can't select two or three shows and have them play in order. some times I store up podcasts and just listen to them in a row. It's very easy to do on my C250 but the fuze just sucks for that.
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podcast has their own menu. The menu is only shown if you have podcast with the device. the podcasts are not mixed with the music. Video and audio podcasts are separated.

You can't have on the fly playlists with any zune device. You only can resume bookmarked podcasts. You can play podcasts in a row using the "Play New" feature on the zune device.
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Ya the fuze just plays one podcast at a time. even if there is say five episodes of the Daily GizWiz it will just play one and then quit tell something else is selected, I hate that.

I like the idea of having them separated but not at a cost of less function's.
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You have the option of playing all the podcasts in a selected show by hitting "play all", and they will play in the order you've chosen. They stop either when the last episode has ended, or you've decided to stop playback.
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